The Name Game

It is well known that the name of a store can be a make or break for a business. You always want something that will stand out from the crowd, stick in peoples minds. Well why not name it after one of the evilest men in history? No no no I’m not talking about David Cameron.. I’m talking about Hitler!


That’s it, why not name your store after one of the most notoriously evil leaders in all of mankind? Complete with matching swastika. Indeed this store in India briefly called itself ‘Hitler’ and then soon had to change their name due to global outcry. It seems common sense is lacking inside “Hitler”

Whilst we are on the subject of evil, I would expect most people would say rape is also an evil thing to do. Well at least now there is vodka out there that is nicer than rape…


Can you guess the name of who created this advertisement? Belvedere. You know because when purchasing vodka everyone always has rape in mind.. This crude and creepy advertisement caused public outrage and forced the president of Belvedere vodka to apologise for it.

Now what company would promote half naked teens in a very sexual way? Surely you would expect the answer to be no-one… right?… oh dear


Apparently Calvin Klein thought differently and felt this was pretty acceptable. They even tried it with younger models.. although that lasted roughly 24 hours… Worrying stuff.

So what have you learnt from this? Not much really just common knowledge. Next time you have any idea for a business, probably make sure at least half a brain cell is working..


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(Website, Adweek, 2012) image + info Available at: < >

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